I'm a reluctant mechanic, and on this site is what I've learnt over the last five years trying to keep my sanity and keep my classic Volkswagen Beetle on the road at the same time. Hopefully it'll help you avoid some of the mistakes I've made and let you get on with the enjoyable parts of owning one of these old beasts.

There are some Step-by-Step guides to help you through basic and complicated maintenance in a way that is easier to understand than your normal car manual.

If you're a complete novice you might want to check out the using tools section if you come across something you're not sure about, such what the heck a torque wrench is.

Just bought an old aircooled VW? I suggest you do some basic maintenance. It's easier than it looks, honest!


Big thank you to Alex from Demon Dweebs VW Club for welding up my car after someone damaged the front and drove off.

Damage to bumper and front panel