Pictures from Brighton Breeze 2004

Black Beetle for sale Blue Karmann Ghias Row of Karmann Ghias Rear of a late model Karmann Ghia Karmann Ghia reflects Karmann Ghia Stunning blue/green metallic Karmann Ghia Razoredge Rat look matt black split screen van Row of split and bay window vans Gorgeous dark brown over red metallic split window camper Mid-resto patchwork project Bare metal split window pickup White over purple split window with roof racks Row of white over green split window vans Long row of white over green vans Split window van with pop up roof Back of the bare metal split screen van Lovely classic Porsche Reflected Beetle in Porsche wheels Rough around the edges Type 2 pickup Row of split screen vans

Pictures from the Brighton Breeze 2004, the London to Brighton run organised by the Split Screen Van Club. I really like this event as you get to see lots of 'normal' cars, rather than show cars that stay garaged/under wraps all of the time. It's got a great, family feel to the day.

Pictures taken on 1st September 2004

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