About Reluctant Mechanic

Reluctant Mechanic is mainly written by me, Paul Silver, with great help from people across the net who I've met through clubs like Edubs and sites like VZi.

I've loved old VWs for years, and bought my first one, the 1968 Beetle in most of the photos in the step-by-step guides, in June 2000 from a chap who was off to Beirut, and I've been trying to keep it going ever since. Along the way I also owned a 1972 Karmann Ghia, which is now with a nice guy in Manchester who has an unnatural relationship with his welding equipment.

I am not a great mechanic. Fortunately, my dad is. This site shows what I've learnt over the years, from him, from books, advice I've been given, and fumbling about hurting myself with spanners. Hopefully you'll find it useful in keeping your own vdub up and running.

See you on the road.

Paul Silver

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